Upcoming Trainings & Workshops

"All roads start from the body and lead back to it. The body is the road."
~Edmond Jabès, Egyptian Poet

January 28-May 19, 2019 | Spirit Rock Mediation Center; Marin, CA
Dharma and Yoga Teacher Training

This immersive training addresses body, mind and heart through the study of mindful asana, pranayama, anatomy, mindfulness principles, meditation, and the wisdom teachings of Yoga and Buddhism. Students will develop both their personal practice, as well as the ability to guide and lead others. The heart of the practices will include the Brahma Viharas, with a focus on Metta, providing both refuge and support for kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others. 

May 24-27, 2019 | Tassajara Zen Mountain Center; Carmel, CA
Joyful Presence: Zen and Yoga

With zen teacher Nancy Petrin
Joy is always available to us, but is often obscured by a distracted mind and contracted body. When we align the mind with the slower rhythms of the body and infuse the body with mindful awareness, joyful ease can arise.
This retreat will weave Dharma teachings, Zen practice, somatic movement, asana, and breath work. Our time together will include exploring the Tassajara valley, zendo etiquette, and immersing ourselves in the magic of this valley.
Registration opens in February.

May 31- June 2, 2019 | Green Gulch Farm; Marin, CA
Access Vitality, Return to Stillness: Yoga and Zen
With zen teacher Nancy Petrin
The yoga practice will be both dynamic and restorative, with a focus on inner alignment and awakening to sensation, for deep internal transformation. Zen meditation will support us to drop into the stillness and spaciousness of calm mind, and experience subtle intimacy with all things.  This potent combination will unwind our deeply held tensions and bring vitality and tranquility to the body-mind.
Registration coming soon!

June 7-9, 2019 | Doe Bay; Orcas Island, WA
My annual retreat at Doe Bay weaving dynamic and restorative asana, somatic movement, meditation, and Dharma study.

June 19-23, 2019 | Prajna Yoga; Santa Fe, NM
200hr Teacher Training, From The Ground Up

This session is taught by Djuna Mascall and explores the foundational teachings of the yoga practice with an emphasis on how the feet are “the foundation to the temple of the body”. Progress on the path depends on strong legs and deep breath. Students build stability in their legs through standing poses that spontaneously lead to the lift of the yoga bandhas – mula and uddiyana bandhas. To open the heart-mind, we will cultivate loving kindness (metta) and hone the essentials of mindfulness training.

June 24-28, 2019 | Prajna Yoga; Santa Fe, NM
200hr Teacher Training, The Fluid Body

The body is 75 percent water, and as we age, the body slowly loses its hydrating capacity. This session is taught by Djuna Mascall and explores flexibility through fluidity. We will investigate:

  • How tissue hydration is essential to our vitality by directing blood flow in the yoga postures

  • How heart, lungs and diaphragm drive the body fluids

In our study, we include myths from the yoga tradition that describe the curative power of water.