Yoga for Computer Burn Out

Ever find yourself realizing too many of your sacred moments have been devoured by time spent online? Maybe you get up from an extended spell on the computer wondering what exactly you have accomplished.

The computer and internet are necessary and arguably beneficial tools to create connections and thrive in our careers and personal lives. However, because of the the power to seek absolutely anything online at all times, computers can be become a compulsive distraction. We become addicted to checking email or looking things up feeling like somehow we are bettering ourselves. Yoga helps by simply bringing us to the present and releasing physical tension. I am infinitely more productive with my time on the computer if I take breaks to practice even a few minutes of yoga, or go for a short walk. Suddenly, the muddled mind state and tension in my body accumulated through the absorbsion into the world of technology are gone and I experience clarity, direction, and insight. I recommend yoga postures to ground and uplift you. Downward dog is perfect for grounding and is what premier yoga therapist Gary Kraftsow calls a "closed chain posture". This is because the body is firmly grounded and in line with gravity so all nervous tension and stress are released and circulation is maximized.

Practice chest opening and back arches to bring blood and oxygen to your lungs, heart, and brain and to counter the slumping posture promoted by computer use. Stand up and interlace your hands behind your back, lifting your upper chest while actively drawing your shoulder blades down. Channel your breath into your upper chest filling the top lobes of your lungs.  Also practice warrior I and bridge pose to release the hip flexors, strengthen the muscles of the back body, and again open the upper chest.

Combine these yoga postures with stepping outside for a short walk. Notice how the cloudiness of mind is quickly replaced with fresh thinking. You will  likely remember something very important, have a deep insight, or feel more expansive and clear.