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Prajna Yoga 200hr Teacher Training in Santa Fe, NM | From the Ground Up

  • Orcas Mandala Yoga Studio Prune Alley Eastsound, WA, 98245 United States (map)

From the Ground Up

Prajna Yoga 200hr training with Djuna Mascall


This session is taught by Djuna Mascall and explores the foundational teachings of the yoga practice with an emphasis on how the feet are “the foundation to the temple of the body”. Progress on the path depends on strong legs and deep breath. This session explores the ancient traditions with a contemporary insight into the body-mind connection. Students build stability in their legs through standing poses that spontaneously lead to the lift of the yoga bandhas – mula and uddiyana bandhas. To open the heart-mind, we will cultivate loving kindness (metta) and hone the essentials of mindfulness training.

Course of Study:

  • Yoga anatomy: experience myofascia through movement and map the body’s five myo-fascial sheaths

  • Bio-mechanical function of the feet, knees and legs

  • Nadis, Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians and Ayurveda marma points

  • The sacrum and poses relative to the lower two chakras – muladhara and svadhisthana chakras

  • The Three Jewels: the Buddha (awakened mind), Dharma (the teachings) and Sangha (the community)

  • The Eightfold Path of the Buddhist teachings and the Four Foundations of Mindfulness

From the Ground Up
 is a requirement for students fulfilling the 200-hr Prajna Yoga Teacher Training.