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Dharma and Yoga Training | Session 3 - The Wisdom Body

  • Spirit Rock Meditation Center 5000 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard Woodacre, CA, 94973 United States (map)

·      This session gives insight into the emotional and subtle body. This is essential to yoga practice and teaching, as our held tensions and beliefs are stored in our tissues and nervous system and affect our deep biorhythms and well-being. We study the neck, jaw, and cranium, and yogic and meditative practices to release physical strain as well as psychological tensions. Our anatomical study illuminates the delicate structures of the throat and jaw. We look at how healthy alignment of the skull brings balance to the entire system both in asana and sitting meditation. In addition, we address the nervous system and the triune brain with the aim of calming the habitual stress response. Through inversions, supported asanas, somatic practices, and chanting we learn to balance the nervous system. This facilitates a spacious mind, the possibility of insight, and heart opening. We highlight pratyahara, or tending to the senses, through working with the eyes and tongue, deep inner listening, and tracking internal sensations. By pacifying the senses, we enable the inner journey. The meditation practice highlights mindfulness of emotions as well as the Five Hindrances. We study the Brahma Viharas as powerful means for connection to Buddha nature and the antidote to stress, psychic pain, and anxiety.

Students continue to practice teaching to their peers and small groups.