Hours, Accreditation, & Mentorship

Prajna Yoga and Djuna Mascall are Yoga Alliance Certified. Students who complete our 200 Hour Teacher Training Program will receive a Prajna Yoga Teacher Certificate and are eligible to be registered with Yoga Alliance as RYT 200. If you have already taken the core courses for the 200 hour certification please download this form, fill it out with your contact hours, and mail or fax it to:

Prajna Yoga Office
Toltec Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
Fax: (505) 988-5248

200 Hour candidates are required to:

  • Have a two-year minimum consistent yoga practice
  • Apply and be accepted to the 200 Hour Program
  • Complete Sessions I, II & III. These three foundational courses are offered in 6-day training blocks, giving 45 contact hours* each for a total of 135 hours.
    •  From the Ground Up (Session I)
    • The Fluid Body (Session II)
    •  The Subtle Body (Session III)Complete remaining 65 hours. This can be accomplished by doing one or more of the following:
      • Take a Prajna Yoga Advanced Studies Course
      • Attend any of the various Prajna Yoga courses, teacher trainings and weekend intensives offered throughout the year and in many locations in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Students are required to attend session III and Mastering the Basics with Tias and Surya, however their remaining hours can be completed with Djuna Mascall. (For 200 Hour candidates, up to 10 hours can be applied for workshops given by Prajna Affiliate Teachers.)
      • Private sessions with Surya, Tias, or Djuna
      • 20 non-contact hours maximum of a self-study project, Svadhyaya
      • Participate in our mentorship program.


Whether you become a yoga teacher or remain a dedicated practitioner, ongoing support is essential. As yogis on the path we need the support of a teacher, community of students, and the teachings themselves.
The Prajna Yoga mentorship program offers support in these three realms. In Buddhism these are called the three jewels:

  • Buddha– our awakened nature
  • Dharma– the teachings and practices that lead to awakening
  • Sangha– a community of teachers and students who inspire us to live awakened lives.

Mentoring will keep you connected to your own aspiration for consistent practice and excellent teaching. It will also motivate and inspire you with new material, give further opportunities for hands-on learning, and help you network with other students and teachers to build your business as a yoga teacher.

While in the Prajna 200 hour training program you will be strongly encouraged to connect with either Tias, Surya, or Djuna 4 times per year. This can be through taking a workshop or retreat, assisting in a class or workshop, and/or one hour skype sessions or in person private sessions.

The cost to you for the mentorship program will be the cost of taking a workshop or retreat, traveling to assist, or $75 per hour for skype sessions, $80 per hour for private sessions (with Djuna).